I started taking piano lesson at school at the age of 12. I steadily worked my way through grade after grade until I started working on grade 6. This is when I switched Piano teachers- partly because due to travel time, but also because my learning wasn’t getting anywhere. In the following 2 years I probably learned as much as I had in the previous 6. I found a genuine pleasure in playing piano, so practicing at the end of the day became a reward rather than a chore. Joanna and I aren’t working on grades anymore, we pick pieces that address areas/skills that I want to work on and go from there. Joanna is incredibly good at reacting to my needs and discovering areas of piano playing that I wasn’t even aware of that I would enjoy or that I would be good at. I’m grateful for all Joanna has taught me in respects to piano playing and for turning my music “career” around. However, it would be wrong of me not to mention the things Joanna has taught me, which indirectly have something to do with music. In her lessons she opens doors which allow me to express and loose myself in music. Despite the fact, that I no longer live in the UK our weekly lessons are filled with fun and energy and are always something to look forward to. I could honestly not wish for a better piano teacher.” - Ute Schmitgen
I would like to thank Joanna for her inspirational piano lessons. As a music teacher myself, I love the enthusiasm she brings to well prepared, focused and fun sessions each week. My daughter looks forward to Monday afternoon and always thoroughly enjoys her time with Joanna. Not only does she work on the fundamentals and towards grades, but the attention to technique and improvisation also gives a great all-round musical foundation. ” - Susan Eames
Joanna Garcia is the best piano teacher I have had; her musical ability to be able to play even the most complicated phases a sight and break them down into bite size learnable chunks is immensely valuable. She has all the musical qualification one could ask a teacher to have. Her approach, maybe it is her primary school teaching experience, is so supportive, understanding and very pupil focused that has led me to always feel I have achieved and feeling positive after a lesson. To add a little bit more about her specific pupil focus, I am dyslexic, really struggled with school and symbol/digit processing, short term memory and self-confidence. Joanna understood this and helped by colour coding chords changes and demonstrating hand and finger sequences. I love classic piano and (I would say) most classical piano teachers would never dream of breaking music down like this. Joanna was the reason I was able to pass my grade 6 piano and go to university to study Creative Music and Technology, of course I needed to put the work in to, but I truly believe I would not have got there without this specific and tailored method.” - Phil Shooter
I love my piano lessons so much and I'm sure your bright and sunny personality is a big part of that. It attracts people to you.” - Shelagh Green
My son attends piano lessons with Joanna weekly, and he loves them!!! it's difficult to get him to enjoy anything that's not his tablet, but Joanna makes it so much fun and is brilliant at building up confidence!! I'm so glad Ethan has started this journey with Joanna, I can't praise her enough!!” - Tracy Howorth