Become a pianist, not just a piano player

There are two types of people who play the piano. 

Pianists and piano players. 

What matters most is what you *aspire* to be. Because if we can see ourselves on a learning continuum, we are free to progress in whichever direction. 

The problem is when we see our situation as “fixed”, such as “I can’t play the piano”, or “I don’t know how to read music, so I’m not going to bother.” 

And that is mainly through fear. 

So here is how you can tell about someone’s aspirations. And remember: the *ASPIRATION* is the key. That wish to be better than that which we already are. 

A *PIANIST*, as distinct from a piano player, has these 3️⃣ characteristics. 

1. They care deeply about the SOUND. 
A pianist has been shown the art of listening. They don’t just hear the sound; they truly listen. They know that they are serving the art which we call music. And so every single note matters. 

2. They recognise that learning to play the notes is only the STARTING POINT. This is why they aspire to become the best they can be, even if they can only grasp a few minutes every so often for themselves at the piano. They have been shown by a teacher what musicality is all about; they consider each more as part of a sequence of musical sense, such as in a pattern. And so they focus on learning to play as a springboard so that they learn to let the music speak and communicate. This is at EVERY level of playing: beginner through to advanced. 

3. They care about their TECHNIQUE. They recognise that ANYONE can push a note down on a piano, even a young child, but that the amazing balance of the whole body that ultimately creates the skill of a pianist is something to be cultivated from the outset. They also realise that this develops from quality teaching from someone who has in turn developed their technique so that they can create something beautiful in their own right. 

But always, always, a pianist serves the MUSIC. 🎼🎹