Dear Pupil...

Dear Piano Pupil, 

I am SO fortunate to work with you. Isn’t it amazing that each person brings something different to the piano? Every pupil brings a different touch, quality of tone, musical response, interpretation, sense of humour... the possibilities truly are endless.  

I really want to share with you my top 5 reasons why learning the piano will change your life.  

Here goes.  

1. Sometimes life is difficult. Once you have mastered the basics of piano playing, you will always have a place to escape to from the stresses and strains of life. You can lose yourself in the music you choose, whether by playing something you really love, or simply by getting to grips with something new. If you haven’t experienced the need to CREATE something yet, well... it’s a terribly human need, and it’s known that people who have an outlet for their creativity generally feel a greater sense of wellbeing. Expressing something creatively can help with anger, sadness, joy... even being in love!  

2. Piano is the instrument that everyone wants to play. It features in all genres of music, from rock to pop, from jazz to house, from musicals to classical. People are in awe of pianists - fact! You play something well, and people will regard you as an actual magician. Rightly so, you legend!  

3. It is proven that playing the piano helps measurably with both English and Maths learning. It has a direct impact on several areas of the brain for the better. In fact, your abilities as a learner in general improve; not just in how the brain is better able to process information and think creatively, but also in how you concentrate, and solve problems.  

4. When you apply for colleges, universities or jobs, the ability to stick at something worthwhile sets you apart from others. Universities actively seek people who have a wide range of cultural experiences such as playing a musical instrument. This stands for medical schools, engineering schools, whatever! UCAS points are even available from being successful in piano and music examinations. But, most importantly, your ability to play the piano is quite simply impressive.  

5. There’s money in it. Maybe not yet, but as you become a competent and later accomplished pianist, you have the potential to earn good money playing for weddings, in bands, for festivals, and even perhaps teaching pupils yourself. All of these things knock the minimum wage out of the water. Just saying.  

Pretty amazing, when you put it like that, eh? So all those times when you can’t be bothered, or can’t see why you should put your tablet down to practise your piano... it’s a small price to pay for the infinite possibilities that will forever be open to you in front of those familiar black and white keys.  

Or will you be one of those that forever regrets not sticking with it? Believe me, there are many people like that! I meet them almost daily.  

Piano pupil: be a magician, be a whole orchestra, be the reason for someone’s happy tears, be the person who composes incredible music. Be a whingebag at times, because you can’t be bothered to spend ten minutes sorting out a tricky bar you’re working on.  

But don’t EVER stop being a pianist, you music magician, you!