It’s not what it should be, it’s what it could be

Sometimes, as a piano teacher, you feel like everyone else knows what they’re doing, and you’re worried that you’re somehow getting it wrong.  

Or you’re looking to start out as an instrumental teacher, and you actually have no idea how to begin. You visualise yourself teaching students who are enthusiastic, proficient and inspired… and yet you are unsure how to achieve that aim, or indeed how to retain those students once you have them.  

I believe that too many teachers - or potential teachers - feel that debilitating sense of imposter syndrome. At best, this makes you doubt yourself and feel like a fraud. At worst, it makes you decide to leave this wonderful profession, or it holds you back from even starting out at all!  

But I just can’t let that happen.  

That is why I aim to provide an inclusive learning community for people just like you. People who already teach the piano, or feel driven to teach the piano. Those who want to place a passion for learning at the centre of music. Because music, and learning, is what it’s all about.  

Yet the profession needs people like you. People who have a passion for music themselves, and who believe firmly in the power of education to discover and support the musicians of the future.  

  I believe that it’s time to stop doubting yourself: let me help you develop your skills as a sought-after teacher in this, the most rewarding of professions! 

I can honestly say that Joanna has completely turned my teaching and business around and taken it to the next level. She is approachable, supportive, caring and non-judgemental and I’m truly grateful for her guidance and support, be that with lesson planning and curriculum ideas or her knowledge of business matters. My only regret is that I didn’t reach out to her sooner. She is an inspiration.” - Katherine Knock

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