Joanna Music Theory Subscription / Joanna Piano Subscription Course

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1. By subscribing to Joanna Music Theory (£5 per month), you have access to weekly music theory lessons which follow a thorough learning journey through music theory. 
This is aimed at beginners as well as those who want to develop their understanding of how music works. This subscription is also suitable for all instrumentalists and singers. 
You have full access to ALL theory resources from the start of the learning journey. 

2. By subscribing to Joanna Piano Subscription (£15 per month), you have full access to a course where new resources and tutorials are added weekly in a sequence of learning. This encompasses: 

  • Weekly video piano lessons from Joanna 
  • Learning about healthy posture and excellent piano technique 
  • Rhythm reading 
  • Understanding of pitch 
  • Listening to and understanding music 
  • Music reading and sight reading techniques 
  • Music theory - how music “ticks” 
  • Introduction to practice strategies 
  • Improvisation and creativity
  • Learning repertoire, both by rote and by reading. 


From the time of your subscription, you have access to the one-of-a-kind learning journey designed by Joanna García which moves forward AND consolidates your or your child’s learning. You have full access to ALL weeks’ courses from the very beginning.