Joanna music theory subscription

Who is this for? 
- People who want to learn about music theory through explanations rather than workbooks. 
- Anyone who would like a flexible approach to learning how music ticks; something they can do in their own time. 
- Parents who would like to have a little more knowledge about music to support their children with their music practice. 
- Instrumentalists and singers who would like some extra input about music theory concepts to support their learning. 
- People who believe that music is some kind of secret code or language - it really isn’t, as you’ll see! 

Which ages can benefit? 
Anyone from around age 8 to adult! 

Do I need a piano? 
No, you don’t! For the purposes of the theory subscription, if a keyboard is ever referred to, there are actually free online keyboards you can access! 


It’s a subscription. Am I tied in? 
Absolutely not! You can unsubscribe at any time! 

Is it expensive? 
At £5 a month, it’s cheaper than a coffee and cake in a coffee shop! 

Can I pass my grade 5 theory exam in three weeks? 
No! Not as a beginner! This isn’t designed as a quick fix. Because this is ongoing, rather than a finite course, it starts with the absolute basics of rhythm, pitch, terms and signs, etc, and progresses slowly and organically. 

What’s different about it? 
As the activities and explanations are principally video based, it means that learning can be related to sound and music! This is deeper and richer learning.