Individual online lessons

Individual online lessons take place using Zoom calls, which allows the use of multiscreen technology so that pupils can see Joanna, the keyboard and the screen. 

The huge advantage to this is that pupils can have lessons regardless of where they are in the world! 

All individual lessons are planned for each pupil’s needs. Lessons are ALWAYS pre-planned, and notes are made afterwards to feed future planning. 

Lessons are interactive, positive and engaging, and based on sound pianistic and musical principles. Joanna follows a clear curriculum from beginner to advanced students, and is quick to address gaps in learning. 

You will follow a curriculum based on technique, music reading, rote learning, improvisation, sight reading, musical interpretation, ear training, music theory and creativity. 

Please note that there is a waiting list for after school, evening and weekend places, so please contact Joanna sooner rather than later if you wish to be on the waiting list. 

If you are waiting for a slot to come up, I recommend that you make use of the Joanna Piano Subscription (if you are a beginner / up to two years of study pianist). This means you do not have to wait to start your learning journey!!! Please click on “Subscribe” above for more information.